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Chemoprevention is the future approach in medicine. Herbal and Ayurveda therapies have been used for years as alternative treatments for cancer and other diseases. Cancer/chemoprevention by dietary phytochemicals is already an important field of study. Through the studies and other research work, the potential of Ayurveda is slowly becoming better appreciated. 

Oncotel is a herbal compound containing only natural, rare and precious herbs. These herbs are mixed together in precise proportional strength to balance and nourish the entire body system and to care cancer patients. A plethora of evidence suggests that a combination of agents may afford synergistic ( Or additive) advantage for cancer management by multiple means such as

  1. Enhancing the bio-availability of chemopreventive agents
  2. Modifying different molecular targets
  3. Lowering the effective dose of drug used for cancer management


Individuals affected with cancer typically exhibit a weakened immune response which makes them prone to acquiring other harmful diseases or conditions. Individuals affected with cancer are conventionally treated with drugs or by therapy including radiation or chemotherapy, which often have adverse side effects and add to the individual’s weakened immune condition.

The present invention of green tree botanicals is directed to a herbal preparation comprising a combination of herbals to be administered either as capsule or herbal tea or in powder form.

DOSAGE -Accoring to physician

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